Specialized Machineries

Our team of engineers and technicians is specialized in the fields of ash removal, coal- and bulk material handling and pressure water supply in the power plant sector, in waste incineration- and biomass plants in Europe and worldwide.

We offer planning, design and delivery as well as detail engineering of the following products in the field of conveying-technology and industrial plants:

  • Submerged Scraper Conveyors.
  • Apron Belt Conveyors.
  • Submerged Overhung Stations and Idlers.
  • Hydraulic Tensioning Stations.
  • Drag Chain Conveyor.
  • Coal Feeder.
  • Silo Shut-Off Gates.
  • Hydraulic Conveying Plants.
  • Pressure Water Pump-Stations.
  • Single- and Double-Strand Chain Conveyors.
  • Conveying-Chains and Chain-Components.

Our customers are major European utility companies, plant builders and well-known waste disposal companies.