Waste to Energy (WtE) projects

Scalable Waste to Energy (WtE) projects for India, in collaboration with German & EU countries Technology Partners ,local partners and authorities to address India’s most pressing problems: an arduous challenge of supplying accessible and affordable energy to help alleviate poverty and meet growing energy demands, necessary for economic growth, at the same time reducing the climate change impact by using Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), including Industrial waste to generate power through Sustainable Renewal Energy Sources. Thus address the problem of Environmental Pollution due to indiscriminate, unscientific disposal of waste.

Convert Organic Waste to Bio Coal

Scalable Projects to Convert Organic Waste to Bio Coal using Vapothermal Carbonization Technology (VTC) in collaboration with the pioneering R & D German Company, KS-VTC-Tech, to provide alternative fuel (AF)source to enable industries utilizing fossil fuel to replace part of the fuel requirement with AF having reduced CO2 emission up to 60% as compared to conventional non-renewal fuel source.

Solar Heating & Cooling Technology

Commercial and Residential Projects in the area of Solar Energy using Electrical Storage System (ESS) from industry leader and principal supplier - TESVOLT, Innovative Hybrid Modules for Solar Heating & Photo Voltaic Cells to generate Solar Electric Energy and Thermal Energy from the leading suppliers Solar Hybrid Energy System (SHES). Solar Heating & Cooling Technology using SC 30 from Fahrenheit GmbH respectively in collaboration with 21st Century Clean Energy GmbH & CoKg for sourcing systems and aggregating the same in the Solar Power Projects.

Roller-Hearth Furnaces

For tempering and annealing, for GKZ- annealing, for martensit and bainit hardening, Engineering loading and unloading door, Engineering gas tight roller bearing - system, for heat treatment of distortion-sensitive components under protective-gas atmosphere.