Laser Measurement Technology

We are one of the leading suppliers for hardware and applied software in the field of laser measurement technology. The premium-quality and innovative products are used worldwide on all continents by now.

1D- 2D and 3D- Laser Measurement Technology

Advantage of Laser technology

  • Exact Position.
  • Fast Measurement.
  • Contactless Measurement.
  • One active component for absolute position.

Slab, billet and heavy plate width, length and thickness measurement – 1D


  • Exact Measurement.
  • Shape (Saber, Wedge)
  • For Quality and Verification Purposes.
  • Side Profile - also available with Triangulation-Scanner.

Slab Position Measurement – 2D


  • Exact Position Measurement.
  • Furnace Protection.
  • Contactless Measurement.
  • Save Labour Cost (when automatic operation).