Who We Are?

FEAL Tech Private Limited is a company which was established in the year 2010. Thereafter, in the year 2014 it became a 100% Subsidiary of FEAL GmbH Germany, to provide Industrial Solutions to the basic industries such as Steel, Copper, Aluminum, etc to provide service in the following areas:-

  • Steel Dimension & Profile.
  • Bulk Volume & Coil Measurement.
  • Container Measuring & Positioning.
  • Crane Position & Supervision.
  • Complete Automation of Equipment.
  • Supply of Customized Machineries.
  • Supply of Specialized Furnaces.
  • Consultancy for Integrated Steel Plant through it German Principals.
  • Supply of Specialized Refractory Material.
  • Provide complete solutions for Coil And Slab Yard Management.
  • Real time Measurement of dimensions of hot metal surfaces, bulk and heap measurements

What We Do Now

FEAL Tech Private Limited is now independent of FEAL GmbH and is engaged in development of:

  • Scalable Waste to Energy (WtE) projects for India.
  • Scalable Projects to Convert Organic Waste to Bio Coal using Vapothermal Carbonization Technology (VTC).
  • Commercial and Residential Solar Energy Projects using Electrical Storage System (ESS). Innovative Hybrid Modules for Solar Heating & Photo Voltaic Cells. Solar Hybrid Energy System (SHES). Solar Heating & Cooling Technology
  • Identify Industrial Projects for facilitating of tie-up between Indian & European EPC Companies.


  • To offer quality, proven and integrated- technology to the Indian Basic Industries at a competitive price.
  • To provide integrated and qualitative service – support to Indian Industries.
  • To build-up the local support and service team in India for quick response time.
  • To develop, integrate and utilize the local skills to execute projects using contemporary technology.
  • Provide customized solutions as per the industrial requirements.